Facilities and Labs

Wet lab and private office options available.

Wet lab Space

At CUBIO, we provide the amenities, equipment, and consultation you need to conduct your research. CUBIO’s biotech wet lab facility provides a “lab as a service” walk-in ready office/lab space where innovators can dedicate their time to their research and evaluate their ideas as an individual, a team, or a company. Flexible options are available, including …

• Leasing a 10×10 lab private office with one 3’x2′ workbench space included
• A workbench space with basic lab equipment to conduct lab experiments
• Private customizable lab space for your startup’s needs.

Our mission with our lab is to provide a platform for innovators and startups to work and collaborate free from the stress of managing facility operations.

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Basic Lab Equipment*


Package includes use of the following shared equipment:

  • Autoclave
  • Balances (analytical & compact)
  • Benchtop centrifuge
  • Clean molecular biology workstation
  • Ductless fume hoods & flammable storage cabinet
  • PCR machine & workstation
  • pH meter
  • Refrigerated microcentrifuge and centrifuges (50 & 15ml capacity)
  • Thermal cycler
  •  UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

*to be added on to a benchtop, private office, or private lab lease

 Add on Packages

DI water System

$60 / month
  • Type I DI water System that produces 18.2 megohm-cm ultrapure water. Meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and CLSI specifications for Type I reagent grade water

Freezers Package

$165/month for basic equipment + freezer space

  •  80 freezer (2 storage containers)
  • -20 freezer (1 shelf)
  • 4c freezer (1 shelf)

Cell Culture Package

$330/month for basic equipment + cell culture + freezer space
  • Biohazard waste management
  •  Biosafety cabinet
  •  CO2 cell incubator
  •  Benchtop incubator
  •  Microscopes

CUBIO Access Amenities

A comprehensive foundation to any enterprise, including a business address and priority conference room booking.

  • Business address
  • High-speed internet (WIFI)
  • Heat & AC during business hours
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Free garage parking on weekends
  • Kitchen & appliances
  •  Member-exclusive events monthly
  • Onsite management & maintenance
  • Common lounge area
  • Free refreshments
CUBIO sign and doors to offices in the main lab

Customizable lab space available

We’re focused on providing startups with everything they need to get to the next stage. Our team at CUBIO is working tirelessly to support startups that are working on the next medical breakthrough. We believe these breakthroughs will not only impact lives but save them.

Here, we are flexible to the needs of startups, providing equipment, space, and connections to entrepreneurs seeking to land their startups in the heart of the largest medical center in the world.

Currently, we have offices and wet lab space available for startups with the capacity to host 10-30+ employees. To learn more about our space, book a tour now!

CUBIO Virtual Office

starting at


  • CUBIO Access
  • Priority booking for the meeting room

Private Non-Lab Office

starting at

  • ALL CUBIO Access features
  • Furnished office, with one desk and chair
  • Priority booking for the meeting room
  • 20-30% off Partner Services, depending on office size leased
  • 1 parking pass included, at a value of $45/month each