Our services

—In Houston (CUBIO Innovation Center)

Relying on CUBIO’s rich experience in cross-border incubation and resources in China, we will offer the applicants 3-6 months incubation and acceleration period to help you prepare for the bootcamp. It designed to support you in obtaining an overall insight of China market opportunities, understanding the culture and regulatory differences, and providing preliminary guidance. The incubation and acceleration period will become your first step to achieving your goal to land in China.

» Business consulting services

  • 5 virtual keynote speeches in 5 different categories
  • 5 invited industry elites will present the China market, cooperation process, and landing environment.
  • Virtual panel discussion mid- January 2021 (English-Chinese translation services will be available)
  • The KOLs across the world will dissect the pros and cons of entering the China market, the challenges, and solutions for you in depth. They will reveal a comprehensive and transparent business development prospect to relieve your concern and uneasiness about culture, policies and regulations.
  • Fruition Tech’s 5 step process

» Mentorship

  • Reevaluate values for the China market
  • Clarify the advantages of the project
  • Provide initial revision and guidance on business plans

» Policies & guidelines of different industrial parks in China

  • Provide background introduction, project requirements, and landing benefits of partnering industrial parks in China
  • Assist with the selection of the partnering park based on vertical market environment, medical resources, human resources, and local policies.

» Incubation and Acceleration Program

  • Will prepare companies for the funding step
  • More details to come