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Meet our Advisors

CUBIO has partnered with prominent advisors from the fields of life sciences, healthcare, investment, and consulting to provide guidance to help you to achieve your goals. Our advisors will assist project teams with establishing and polishing business plans, marketing materials, and fundraising strategies based on the business needs for successful investment and collaboration.


Dr. Seun Adigun, D.C., a chiropractor and biomechanist, brings an extremely unique presence to  sports medicine. She is the founder and CEO of Extra Wellness Center, an injury prevention & rehabilitation practice in Houston, Texas. Dr. Seun specializes in analyzing data to identify  patterns and trends as well as interpreting data to make effective sports medicine decisions. She uses biotechnology and the anatomy as tools for problem solving. She sits as an advisor and  partner to global biotechnology companies to achieve a patient centered, integrative approach to  healthcare. She works with elite level athletes to identify neuromusculoskeletal limitations,  create interventions, and prevent future injury. Dr. Seun’s vision to revolutionize sports medicine  includes her experience as a Summer & Winter Olympian. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Science,  B.S. in Human Biology, M.Ed. in Physical Education – Motor Behavior, M.S. in Health & Human Performance, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

John Fragkos

John Fragkos provides businesses with real insights based on both analysis and cross-industry expertise. Mr. Fragkos has 25+ years’ experience on growth strategy, financial advisory and industry 4.0 consulting services having worked for global firms such as Deloitte, BASF, Cambridge Technology Partners, etc. as well as a remote freelancer. John helps companies and startups by creating new value at the intersection of business transformation, customer centricity, and technology through the right design of a value-based customer strategy and business model. He has hands-on expertise in the following B2C & B2B industries: consumer goods, industrial products, medical & healthcare, and TIME (Telecoms – Information Management – Media – Electronics) within the following regions of the world: USA, Netherlands, UK, South Africa, Belgium, France, and China. For more info, please visit www.linkedin.com/in/jfninitiative

Margaret Wong 

Margaret Wong has 20+ years of hands-on industry experience in all facets of product launch activities from design concept to commercialization in the US and international markets. She has dedicated her career to support missions that improve and save people’s lives by helping diverse seed-staged and billion-dollar med tech companies bring safe and effective products to the market and reducing FDA, EU, and international regulatory and operational compliance risks for shareholders in all stages of the product lifecycle. Margaret brings a combination of business and executional acumen to help develop regulatory submission strategies that lead to least resistant paths to commercialization for companies positioning for funding, introducing new products for the first time, or going through drastic transition and aggressive growth.

Mark Wesson

Mark Wesson is a highly skilled Healthcare Program Professional with the skills needed to create high-quality healthcare programs. He has experience leading the analysis and restructuring of programs to improve the quality of care for patients. He is also adept at cultivating innovation using the latest technologies to improve information management and communication. Throughout his career, he has found and applied new and more effective ways of ensuring high-quality patient care. To do that, he relies on remaining informed about the latest leadership and technology news. 

Mark provides consulting services to help healthcare companies improve the quality of their care programs, services, and products. He conducts complete business analytics to identify areas that impact quality and operational excellence. He also advises startups on product, market strategy, ways of integrating emerging technologies and innovative problem-solving methods to assure strategic success. He provides these services as an independent consultant and through Advisory Cloud, Newchip Accelerator, Alchemist Accelerator, and Boards advisory platforms. Mark is the Chief Financial Officer at Flow Cell, a microfluidics company you may explore at http:// flowcell.co.”

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