BlueCloud Collaboration

The CUBIO Innovation Center has partnered with BlueCloud, a real-time global system for healthcare and clinical research. CUBIO members will have access to BlueCloud’s network of nearly 2 million healthcare professionals, such as physicians, large pharma and medtech companies, and sponsors. By reaching out to these professionals, you will be able to run tests or clinical trials for your products.

BlueCloud is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) based out of Austin, Texas that is both FDA compliant and HIPAA compliant. BlueCloud members can connect and share data on the platform to streamline the managerial and compliance processes required by organizations and regulatory agencies.

Platform focuses are on regulatory compliance, EU General Data Protection (GDPR), US privacy laws, globally standardized education on standards of care, and competencies as required by national and international government agencies. Additional goals of the BlueCloud platform include eliminating redundancies, expediting study / project start up, and ensuring quality, transparency, and compliance. They aim to modernize the ecosystem through real-time, live connectivity.

Members who join BlueCloud’s platform will have access to the following:

  • BlueCloud Personal GDPRWallet®to manage and share your professional experience and training records—CVs, certifications, training credentials, etc—with organizations in your network
  • BlueCloud Business GDPRDirectory®to maintain and share your personal GDPR Wallet within a private, opt-in, regulated system for business and compliance purposes

To find out more about BlueCloud services through the CUBIO partnership, please reach out to the CUBIO team.