About Us


—About Us

The CUBIO Innovation Center is a life science incubator with innovative biotech wet labs. CUBIO provides innovators with access to lab infrastructure, business consulting and mentorship, financial support, and worldwide market resources and networks. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled platform to serve innovators’ unmet needs in the biomedical field, both within Texas and around the world.



CUBIO sign and doors to offices in the main lab

CUBIO helps innovation to succeed beyond national borders. We foster cross-border investment and collaboration by connecting biotech, med-tech, manufacturing and tech companies with investors, industrial parks, manufacturers, and vendors. Experienced team members in both countries will help evaluate project core values, provide consultations on global market strategy, give advice on technology licensing, and source cooperation partnering resources.

This process empowers innovators with accurate financial, regulatory, and marketing resources to take their company to the next stage. Throughout the process, the team at CUBIO will take steps to ensure that open communication and trust is in place, leading to success for our healthcare startups.


Our Values

Regional Partnerships

We are committed to developing and strengthening the life science startup ecosystem, both locally in Houston, as well as within the greater U.S. We believe this can be accomplished by building strong communities and partnerships with fellow startup development organizations (SDOs), universities, research organizations, regional hubs, and businesses within the healthcare sphere. Through these connections, we hope to provide life science startups with the support and resources to achieve success.

Startup Investment

It is within startups that we find so much innovation, creativity, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others. We want to help them grow into their best selves, to reach the apex of their potential. We offer two paths for growth: local and international. For local startups, we can equip them with the means to succeed through our accelerator utilizing components of Headway Idea Lab’s 5 Steps. Once startups are ready for international expansion, we can connect them with our network of businesses, manufacturers, and investors abroad as well as proving funds to those startups that meet investors’ criteria.

Technology Collaboration

At CUBIO, we hope to be at the forefront of technology, of innovators collaborating and expanding. We have verified investors and manufacturers to partner with our startups. Through our partnerships, we create a network with a variety of resources. For those healthcare startups ready for the next step, we will have CUBIO-verified manufacturers and investors abroad to help realize their ambitions.

Cross-border Community

In the spirit of building and growing relations between Texas life sciences and other similar hubs abroad, CUBIO is aiming to serve as an entry point to the US healthcare startup market. This can mean collaborating with international organizations on activities such as events on US market access or business development, an accelerator program, or any number of projects. Thus, we can provide international life science startups access to our network of partners and our programs for growth strategies.

CUBIO is conveniently located within the Texas Medical Center in Houston. It is across the street from NRG stadium and the Woman’s Hospital of Texas, near the Stadium Park/Astrodome METRO line stop