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What Does Your Startup Need to Thrive?

Oct 13, 2022 | Cubio

What does your life science startup need to thrive? Maybe it’s business development, maybe you need clinical trial access, or you might be looking for healthcare tech guidance. If these sound like a few things your startup might be struggling with, keep reading – we may have just the right solution you’re looking for!

CUBIO is ready and excited to announce our new consulting service, Consult CUBIO! We have set up an exclusive interview with our CEO, Wes Okeke, to talk about what services Consult CUBIO provides for life science startups of all stages. Consult CUBIO was specifically built for life science startups who are ready to take the next step forward to creating the future of tomorrow’s healthcare technology. Keep reading, or listen to our blog interview with Wes, to learn about what Consult CUBIO can do for your life science startup! 

What is Consult CUBIO and what can it do for life science startups?

Consult CUBIO is a group of biotech and medtech professionals who have experience in business development, business strategy, grants, and funding. They are a team of men and women that have a great passion for startups both in the technology space along with the biotech and medtech space. They are all experienced working with startups and seeing the journey these startups have to go through. In fact, not only have they seen it, they have had to walk through it themselves as entrepreneurs. Consult CUBIO’s mission is to provide the right support at an economic price point to help startups succeed.

What need did CUBIO see to create this?

Having been an entrepreneur himself, Wes has a deep passion to help these startups, these innovators, who are launching new ideas. It’s hard enough to get your idea started and it’s much harder getting all the components together as a new company. As Wes mentions in the interview, starting a new idea is exciting but actually executing it is far more difficult. Consult CUBIO’s main desire is to be on this journey with these startups providing the guidance that a lot of them need all while being cost-effective. Consult CUBIO will be going to and has already given startups free connections, advice, and direction, and has helped with investor introductions.

What are some of Consult CUBIO’s goals in the coming year?

Consult CUBIO’s primary short-term goal is to provide a range of services starting with a  consultation call at no cost. This we feel is uniquely designed because for every life science startup CUBIO is in contact with, we aim to give the right economic package that suits their budget. Secondly, Consult CUBIO is launching a funding platform that will be released before the end of this year. This funding platform has been designed to introduce startups to investors that would be both financially supportive as well as providing mentorship and guidance to the startups. This platform already has several hundred investors on it. As CEO of CUBIO and one of the primary consultants of Consult CUBIO, it’s Wes’s priority to ensure that they are consistently bringing on new investors that will be willing to support startups that CUBIO is engaged with as well as preparing these starts within the CUBIO ecosystem to be attractive to investors that will be in our platform and ecosystem.

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