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A New Promise: The First Steps to Bringing Startup Support Worldwide

Sep 12, 2023 | Cubio

Shifting from a China-U.S. Focus to a Global Vision

In an exciting change of course, CUBIO—once a specialized hub for China-U.S. life
Science Startups—has officially announced its rebranding and a transformative shift in
focus. While its initial mission centered on aiding life science startups to penetrate the
Chinese market, CUBIO is now laying the groundwork to serve as a global incubator for
life science startups from all over the world.
The shift isn’t just in the mission; it’s in the name as well. Transitioning from CUBIO
Innovation Center to CUBIO Innovation LLC, the organization signifies its renewed
commitment to fostering a dynamic international startup ecosystem.

A Diverse, Global Network with Local Resonance

CUBIO’s new initiative extends far beyond its headquarters. By forging partnerships
across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, the new vision strives to provide startups
with an array of resources essential for global success. This includes facilitating easier
market entry and initiating collaborations with an extensive range of
institutions—hospitals, universities, regulatory bodies, research organizations, and

The Global Ecosystem: A Force Multiplier for Innovation

One of the most exciting aspects of this rebrand is your integration into a larger, global
initiative ecosystem. This expansion enables startups not just to rent a lab space but to
join an active, international community committed to accelerating technological and life
science advancements.
This global network is not just about the sharing of physical resources; it’s about the
sharing of knowledge, innovation, resources and collaborative spirit. By partaking in this
interconnected ecosystem, startups gain a competitive edge that goes beyond their
individual capabilities—enabling quicker development and deployment of life-changing

What Does this Mean for Startups?

Speed to Market

With a more expansive network and resource-rich environment, your startup could
reduce the time it takes to bring your innovative solutions from the lab to the market.
This could be a game-changer in the fast-paced world of life science advancements,
giving you a significant competitive edge.

A Seat at the Global Table

With the vision as a global incubator isn’t just about us expanding its horizons—it’s
about expanding yours. You’re not just getting a space to operate; you’re getting a space
on a global platform that allows for both widespread influence and local impact. In a
nutshell, your startup has the opportunity to be part of something much larger than
itself, something that has the potential to change the landscape of life sciences globally.

Navigating Complexity Made Easier

Life sciences is an intricate field that involves navigating complex regulatory
environments, understanding diverse patient populations, and meeting specific market
needs. With an extended network of partnerships with hospitals, universities, regulatory
bodies, and research organizations means you’ll have a guide to help you through these
complexities—no matter where in the world you are operating.
By joining this community, you gain instant access to a wide-ranging network that spans
continents, sectors, and expertise. This makes entering global markets significantly less
challenging. Whether it’s navigating regulatory hurdles, securing international
partnerships, or gaining a foothold internationally, your startup benefits from extensive
global connections.

Act Now, Shape the Future

Find more than just a space—be part of an ecosystem where startups can grow,
collaborate, and thrive at a global scale, with the ability to create localized impact.

The Future Is Global and It Starts Now

Startups, the world is waiting for your vision. Get in on this opportunity, not just as a
space, but as a global platform designed for your meaningful impact. It’s your time to be
seen, to innovate, and to shape the world.

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