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Through our funding platform, it’s our mission to support life science startups by giving them easy and accessible funding so they may accelerate the future of healthcare innovation.

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4 Steps to Access the Funding Platform

About our Funding Platform

CUBIO is excited to collaborate with our partners, Headway Idea Labs and Fundr, to ensure startups can receive fast and easy funding through our new platform! With over 400 investors and growing, we are determined to help startups connect with the right investors and the right funding for their next healthcare breakthrough.

We’re here to help you navigate the investor process. Regardless of the stage your startup is at the moment, we help you become investor ready! We give our clients the resources they need to move closer to receiving funding and prepare them to score the right investors.


Assistance recruiting investors for your startup

Bring in your own investors, if desired

Easy-to-use proprietary online platform with startup enhancement features

No limit to investor access on the platform

 About Headway

Headway Idea Labs facilitates the transformation of purpose-driven ideas into technology-based companies.

Headway is an expert in creating competitive strategies for commercialization, fueling startups and companies that desire to launch new product ideas to make their world better. Through participation in their 5-step process, they give entrepreneurs access to all of their ‘Headway Network’ ‒ a ready-made network from which to learn, grow, and share. Apply on F6S to start connecting with investors
on Headway’s funding platform!

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Benefits of for Start-ups

Simplify the process of connecting investors with your startups

Organize your startup's decks, pitches, etc.

Assistance recruiting investors for your startup

Apply Ai to enhance evaluating and decision making

Work with verified unbiased information

Access comprehensive information on a startup and investor community of subscribers